Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Claus collection; Ruby Tuesday #1

I've seriously started collecting Santa Claus figures/items when our son Leon joined the family, to remind us of how great the Lord is in giving gifts we deserve.

Santa in a sleigh, got this in 2007.
Battery operated, sings and moves around
2 Santas hanging on a rope, 2008 (paper mache')
another paper mache' Santa on a parachute, 2009
Christmas stockings with Santa Bear, 2010

wondering why the 2 paper mache' Santas are in the house? It's quite impractical to put them outdoors because of the unpredictable weather patterns here in the Philippines. It's rains every once in a while in December! It's been like this for 2 years now lol!

but I've had a few collections from way befor
A Santa wall decor, hanging on our kitchen partition
A Santa Claus pillow which you can find in our room
A Santa Claus figurine, I got as a gift way back in the 90's
and a Santa Claus candle holder which I received in 2006
Santa Claus placemat, I bought intentionally for the holiday season during the 90's
and candy dish, another gift from a colleague in 2003

my first post on Ruby Tuesday for 2011, here's more...

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