Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Claus collection; Ruby Tuesday #1

I've seriously started collecting Santa Claus figures/items when our son Leon joined the family, to remind us of how great the Lord is in giving gifts we deserve.

Santa in a sleigh, got this in 2007.
Battery operated, sings and moves around
2 Santas hanging on a rope, 2008 (paper mache')
another paper mache' Santa on a parachute, 2009
Christmas stockings with Santa Bear, 2010

wondering why the 2 paper mache' Santas are in the house? It's quite impractical to put them outdoors because of the unpredictable weather patterns here in the Philippines. It's rains every once in a while in December! It's been like this for 2 years now lol!

but I've had a few collections from way befor
A Santa wall decor, hanging on our kitchen partition
A Santa Claus pillow which you can find in our room
A Santa Claus figurine, I got as a gift way back in the 90's
and a Santa Claus candle holder which I received in 2006
Santa Claus placemat, I bought intentionally for the holiday season during the 90's
and candy dish, another gift from a colleague in 2003

my first post on Ruby Tuesday for 2011, here's more...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

kraft world

Part of organizing my site is creating kraft world.

Kraft world
is where I will share with you my handicrafts, the things I personally do. It'll be here where I will share as well as develop my learning about various crafts.

Handicrafts is one of the things I might do (together with blogging of course!) in case I become a full time work at home wife and mom.

To begin with I love shabby chic and I'm into recycling.
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