Saturday, June 26, 2010

kraft world

Part of organizing my site is creating kraft world.

Kraft world
is where I will share with you my handicrafts, the things I personally do. It'll be here where I will share as well as develop my learning about various crafts.

Handicrafts is one of the things I might do (together with blogging of course!) in case I become a full time work at home wife and mom.

To begin with I love shabby chic and I'm into recycling.


  1. Hello hai, I'm excited to see your crafty talents. If you're ready, lets ex links with my arts and crafts blog too.

  2. Hi Mel, sure!!! you're making me excited, too...I'm just a little busy with work and I'm kinda organizing my blogs yet but I really hope to be able post one for this site soon ;)


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